Guanxi in jeopary

Guanxi in jeopardy

Therefore I first need to have studied both cultures intensively in order to come up with a revised preparation for a new negotiation.

Electrowide did a structural redesign, by which various councils would assume the majority of decisions made within the corporation. This also indicates that they are very result oriented. Guanxi is also based in concepts like loyalty, dedication, reciprocity, and trust, which help to develop non-familial interpersonal relations, while mirroring the concept of filial piety, which is used to ground familial relations.

Guanxi In Jeopary Essay

Knowing that we are talking about China a communist country this is one point we will not be able to discuss. Most western educated businessmen think that this kind of relationship is only based on direct cash exchanges. Logical reasoning; we are a bigger and established company while they are a relatively small company.

Mianzi or "face" is simply another way of establishing personal relations in China since your face is the face of your company. As for the Chinese, time means friendship, and friendship is a need.

She wants to continue seeking overseas assignments.

Guanxi: How Business Is Done in China

In order to make the other person part of their Guanxi, they usually ask personal questions to the opponent. Guanxi is establishing human relations to open the door for opportunities. Friendship takes time but will often lead, to a better outcome for both parties.

If Motosuzhou continues the use of their accounting systems, we will also see a decline in our margins. It is also acceptable for their culture to accept risks.

Traditional Chinese Traditional Chinese characters first appeared with the emergence of the clerical script during the Han Dynasty, and have been more or less stable since the 5th century during the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

They will most probably not open it immediately on the spot. The guanxi you have built up in China is yours to keep. We will use emotion; we are also really interested on reinvesting profits into the Chinese market since we believe there are still many opportunities present.

This is very confusing for the American for who the contract is the final agreement period. Another way of using emotion can be done by saying; If we have the majority of shares in the JV, you can then completely trust us in doing our best possible job, as bad annual results will then badly influence us more than them.

The relationship has not only to take place between the companies, but between the individuals at a personal level. Examining at the characters can help understand the full meaning of the term. In other words, your guanxi is your own to keep.

This is not more than a managing tool for growing the business in a sustainable way and is beneficial for both parties. For the American business man: For that reason, they are also more result-oriented than relationship-oriented: Guanxi represents courtesy, not corruption.

His independent kingdom was short-lived, however, and the tattooed Song general Di Qing returned Guangxi to China. The custom is generally considered a natural way of relating to people and conducting business in China.

Motosuzhou Team Deng Zang: The company was also trying to find a local manufacturing company with strong network that could readily market products produced under the JV without additional expense in the effort. But if companies take the proper approach to guanxi, they can mitigate the fallout from the cultural clash.

In the US, discrimination against women has changed in the nearly four decades since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act ofthe Equal Pay Act and other prohibitions against employment discrimination based on sex, although women continue to be paid less than men for equal work and to be disadvantaged in some ways based not on their abilities or qualifications.

Negotiating this cultural conflict is no easy feat. This literally shows your desire to deal squarely with your Chinese counterpart, and treat him as an equal partner. Nevertheless we should each time question ourselves when addressing issues if we do so in a fair and respectable manner towards the Chinese company and personal culture.

This is a somewhat non-negotiable issue. While talking about every issue we are going to try to have a relaxed and kind atmosphere, showing that we are really exited in doing the Joint Venture with this company. First of all, I am going to present the composition of both teams and the most important aspects about their members.

While both companies have a lot to offer on a business level it is, however, required for Motosuzhou to first build Quanxi and trust with Electrowide in order to start talking about numbers. Like other tenets of Chinese culture, the principle is based on moderation. By generating a fully prepared Contract and handing that to the Chinese clearly showed that they were trying to push them to accept something while they were not prepared to do that.


Guanxi in Jeopardy

It stands for any type of relationship, whether it is a family relationship, or a relationship between friends. Case Study Motosuzhou & Electrowide Guanxi in Jeopardy Discussion forum Main characteristics of Chinese culture. How do these differences relate to the negotiation process Criteria that should be used in select­ing a joint venture partner.

Have those criteria. Find essays and research papers on China at We've helped millions of students since Join the world's largest study community. Guanxi places the moral obligations that stem from personal relationships above all other considerations, including an employer's code of conduct and even laws.

These obligations, moreover, often transcend time and distance. GUANXI: The oil that keeps China running. P erhaps nowhere else on the planet does the phrase, Guanxi is the key to getting anything done in China—the single most important factor for success in the country.

The Chinese widely believe that it trumps intelligence, knowledge, talent, ambition and even wealth. Guanxi in Jeopardy Cross-cultural Communication, Negotiation and Decision-making Differences in Culture Across the globe, there are infinite amounts of culture Ranging internationally, nationally, regionally and even smaller Cultures are made up of many components: Electrowide Inc.

Guanxi in jeopary
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Guanxi: How Business Is Done in China